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Athletes often look for causes.  Sometimes it is inspired by personal tragedy.  There is something emotionally gratifying in competing in an event on behalf of a loved one who has succumbed to a disease or a tragic event.  Sometimes, these performances are coupled with fundraising.  Often, the inspiration is what carries an athlete through the months and years of training.  To watch someone motivated by this as they cross the finish line is often very emotional.


And this is what we do, we push and pull children with disabilities for the same reasons.  These small, and beautiful spirits inspire us.  Emotions are equally visceral on these occasions but we also participate in gratitude for our legs and arms.  To lend our abilities to a child is humbling and seeing their parents cheer as we cross the finish line with their child is unmatched.

So join us!!  Athletes, parents, siblings and friends can help a disabled child complete an event.  Contact us if you would like to participate.

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